Euro 2011 - Day 3 - Bolzano to Sondrio

Follow our flight with the photo journal below, however, to find out how Dan missed a day off and ended up swatting cyclists with the Binder trailer on a mountain pass, click on his diary
Expecting a day on the ground waiting for the weather to clear, we were pleasantly surprised by appearance of sunshine and what looked like soarable conditions. The wind was fickle but with a northerly component, so we took off over the parked jets and turboprops, missing the light stanchions by a margin of sorts. We could also see the solar installation on the SE side, which did a good job of powering most of the rest of the airfield. Today's plan was to relocate to Sondrio, about 125Km to the west

We climbed up over the ridge in the centre of the valley

Due to a) lift and b) not many landing opportunities in the rest of the valley...
Most of the bad weather was being modified by its passage over the high mountains but there were still a few showers getting through, with a large amount of spreadout forming

We climbed up to 9,000' over the plateau then worked our way SW round the flanks of the high ground. The cloudbase was very variable but we found a drier side valley which enabled us to sidle up just north of the pass Tonale and into the Sondrio valley

The pass itself had cunims just to the south that were flooding the valleys with cold, damp air
Once into the main valley, the skies opened out and looked reasonable
But although the sky appeared good, the thermals were rather reluctant
We did a slow tour of the Engadin, then came out SW towards lake Como
The clouds slowly died away to leave a clear evening
We descended gently into the main valley, with Sondrio Caiolo airfield below
Vaulting wooded ridges on the way
The area to the west had almost completely blued out
The Po plain was visible, which is unusual

There were still build-ups to the south of Sondrio but they were now receeding

It looked very green and fertile compared with the higher alps

We sank gently down below the tops

Sondrio airfield, a gem in the Italian Alps with a superb tarmac runway, lots of space to park and very friendly people

Finishing the day about half an hour after the trailer arrived from Bolzano

The trailer had a story to tell, well at least Dan did