Euro 2011 - Day 10 - Wave over the French Alps

Follow our flight with the photo journal below, however, today Dan rode in the back seat and describes the flight below as well his usual diary

I’d be stupid not to jump at the chance of a flight so when the opportunity arose I didn’t need any persuasion. We took off and pushed up wind to try and get a thermal climb. We got a nice climb over Sisteron but this wasn’t enough to get us into the wave. We spent the next hour in a mix of dynamic ridge, thermal and rotor lift and climbed to 9000’.

We connected with wave behind the Lure and gave us a steady 2 knot climb. Unfortunately we could only go to 11500’ due to airspace restrictions so we flew north towards Gap
Some stunning lenticulars had started to form ... it looked like we launched at the right moment!

The wave continued in the Seyne valley with the vario at one point showing a rather nice 9knots to FL195 – and the scenery was stunning as far as the eye could see. I could safely say it was much better seeing it from the air than driving through it!


Some fantastic cloud formations appeared – with lower level cumulus, mid level altocumulus and higher lenticulars with the odd CuNim in the vicinity

I don’t think we could believe our luck as the wave and leni’s continued
In fact, it looked like aliens were invading Lac de Serre Poncon

I was quite glad I was with Rob as I didn’t have a clue where we were- the clouds not helping here!


The high level wave meant that oxygen was required. Here is me demonstrating how not to attach the nose piece but I didn’t pass out so it did its job! It was also quite hard concentrating on the flying with a camera stuck in your face!

The lenticulars continued for around an hour before they slowly began to decay. The AltoCu began to fill in and we spent an hour gently floating down around the clouds and made our way back to Sisteron

Rob did his best to teach me how to mountain soar which I had never done before. I thought it was great fun and the ridge in the background gave us the roughest flying I had ever experienced – both out heads hitting the canopy multiple times. Unfortunately the adventure couldn’t last forever however we were the last to land with a majority of the gliding club gone home – most of which didn’t even fly that day!