Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Thursday 11th July 2002


July 11th dawned with much cloud draping the mountains. We hoped to aero-tow the ASH and LS4 across to St. Johann to join the Duo, but as the day progressed the cloud lowered until we were only able to squeeze the cars and trailers trough. Needless to say, YM spent another cosy night in the hangar at Zell.

By early evening our relocation was complete and the Wilder Kaiser, which looks over St. Johann, finally emerged from the clouds.









St Johann in Tirol, Austria

The plan is to transfer the ASH to St Johann by a tow, with Robin solo in 13, to maximize takeoff potential but this is prevented by the lowering cloudbase and drizzle . The opportunity is seized to update the website stats and much computing activity results. 13 and 70 are de-rigged in the afternoon and we set off on the short road trip to St Johann, as the post frontal clearance appears. The evening is spent admiring the view of the Wilder Kaiser range from the beer tower of the St Johann brewery.