Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Monday 8th July 2002: International flights from Wiener Neustadt

The area to the southwest of Wiener Neustadt, as the ground rises towards the Semmering pass.

One way to save space in the crowded hangar at Wiener Neustadt airfield.

While others took to the air in various different ways...


...the non flying members of the team fled to the hill to escape the heat...


...and the gliders...


...photographed one another across three countries.


Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Anticipated early start to day began with big tasks planned for big gliders, and smaller ones for the baby glider. The ASH and Duo are to try for an 800k o/r with Hermann flying his LS6. They have a tricky time with a slow start to the Semmering pass. Conditions to the West looked very poor so they follow what cumulus there are South into much better weather and manage to cross into Hungary, gazing down at concrete communal housing and huge fields as opposed to the neat strip farming of Austria. They briefly poke a nose into Slovenia thereby achieving at least one aim of the whole expedition, and head for home. The ASH finishes off with a close look at the Schneeburg and Rax mountains. The LS4 flies locally in hot blue conditions, allowing the less adventurous a closer look at the Hohe Wand, an impressive steep sided ridge close to the airfield shared with local hang gliders.