Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Saturday 6th July 2002: A day of local flying at Wiener Neustadt


Preparing the ASH25 to take off. The grass airfield is 2 km in diameter and perfectly flat.

Andy May flew the LS4...

...Adrian concentrated on photography...

...while Andy was taking no chances with sunburn!




Wiener Neustadt Austria

Another one for the history buffs. Wiener Neustadt airfield is the cradle of Austrian aviation where flying began in 1910, and during WW2 it was the site of Messerschmitt 109 production. It is absolutely huge, the largest grass airfield in Europe with a circumference of 4 miles, so those of us used to a gentle stroll to the launch point at Dunstable had a major shock. After the exhausting days flying on Friday we took winch launches to 2700’ and explored the local area out to the Schneeberg and Rax mountains. The airfield is busy, with power flying and parachuting in addition to gliding. An approaching active front cut off convection and the evening was accompanied by thunder, lightning and high winds.