Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Tuesday 2nd July 2002: Grey and drizzly - just like home


Robin and Ed check the weather. No chance of flying today.



Tom's Diary






Samedan, Switzerland.

Drizzle and low cloud drapes the hills this morning and with little prospect of improvement the team is grounded. An internet connection at the airfield allows Robin and Ed to assess immediate weather patterns and prospects appear to be better to the east. Plans are made to fly 400km to Lesce-Bled in Slovenia with the trailers crossing 3 frontiers. Switzerland-Italy-Austria-Slovenia, with intermediate bolt holes such as Bolzano and Lienz identified.

Devotees of gliding history are delighted to find an original limited edition print hanging in the airfield restaurant, commemorating a world record climb of 3600m at nearby Davos in 1932, by Gunther Groenhoff, pilot of the beautiful Fafnir sailplane.