Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

22nd July 2000 - First flights at Ontur - very hot!

13 soaring over Ontur airfield.

Lateish start after recovery from the trip down. Although very hot, the airmass was pretty stable with maximum thermal height of 2500' above the airfield. However, everyone had a flight and we had an opportunity to check out the strip's idiosyncracies

Has Ed spotted a Spanish cu?

13; 2 flights

1:40 Robin May (P1) and Phil Wicebloom was in the back as P2.

1:20 Robin and Al Ishkanian


The Duo (LGC); 2 flights

1:00 Ed Downham and Dave Starer

1:00 Ed and Tom Sage


Sat Pic 1600z