Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

5th August 2000 - Nevers to SÚzanne, weather anglaise

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Flight trace (.igc)

13 take-off from Nevers.


Perhaps we should have realised selecting an airfield in the bend of the Loire might give a few weather problems. The morning dawned in thick fog and it took all morning to produce a sky that was vaguely soarable. Conditions did eventually provide the odd 4 knot thermal to 4800'. But generally this was a creeping flight via Joigny, Romilly and Troyes to SÚzanne.

On tow from Nevers in the ASH.

13; 1 flight 4:15 (RM + RC) 200 km

LGC; 1 flight 3:10 (ED + TS) 200 km

YM; 2:05 (PC + AI)

Sat Pic for 1600